Family Counselling Works

  • Are there behavioural concerns with your child?
  • Are you trying to find your new identity as a blended family?
  • Has your child suffered verbal or physical abuse?
  • Is your child struggling to achieve success in school?
  • Is disciplining your child a continual struggle?

Guthrie and Associates can help your family take steps towards resolving the issue at hand or provide you with new ways to improve your family's welfare. You'll gain the benefit of a professional counsellor who will provide a new perspective on your family's situation.

Guthrie and Associates provides a child friendly counselling room where your son or daughter will quickly feel at ease. Your child will learn skills in problem solving and processing emotions. These skills will prove a valuable resource when your child has to navigate life's future challenges.


My son really struggled after my husband and I separated. His child therapist was able to help him talk about feelings that he couldn't share with either one of us.