For Individuals

Need someone to talk to? Guthrie and Associates has helped thousands of individuals like you. By making an appointment with us, you'll gain the benefit of a trained professional who can provide a new perspective on the situation or events that cause you distress or pain.

For Couples

Recurring arguments? Relational problems within a marriage or partnership can turn a home from a refuge into a battleground. Talk to one of our experienced counsellors to learn new ways of understanding your partner and communicating with one another.

For Families

Are you trying to find your new identity as a blended family? Is your child having difficulty adjusting to a new school or struggling to perform? Your family can benefit from the support of a family counsellor. Guthrie and Associates will help you work through the issues within the context of your daily family life.

For Companies

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide a means for employees to seek help early. Guthrie and Associates can be a valuable partner to your business in preserving and maintaining the well-being of your most important asset - your employees.

Community Driven

Established in 1983, Guthrie and Associates has served many thousands of couples, families and individuals like you. We were the first private family counselling clinic to practice in Brantford. Building a strong reputation over the past thirty-five years, we are a recognized place in the local community and receive referrals from many professionals, including doctors, lawyers, and social workers.