What can an EAP do for your business?

Employers have long recognized the need to care for their employees' mental and physical well being beyond the workplace. An Employee Assistance Program helps to ensure that confidential and independent resources are available when an employee needs to seek counselling. Numerous studies have shown how stress and depression negatively impact productivity in the workplace and employers are more willing to provide assistance to ensure the mental well being of employees.

Consider these facts:

  • • The average number of days taken off work due to illness or disability is 7.8 days each year.

    Statistics Canada (2016)

  • • 47% of working Canadians consider their work to be the most stressful part of daily life. Only 23% of Canadian workers would feel comfortable talking to their employer about a psychological health issue.

    Statistics Canada (2017)

Employee Assistance Programs provide a means for employees to seek help early, rather than allowing issues to escalate to the point where short or long-term disability may be required. Early and effective help given to an employee will accelerate emotional recovery and help return the employee to his or her optimal performance.

Employee Assistance Programs are a proven benefit to employers and employees alike. An EAP with Guthrie and Associates reflects the belief that the employee is the company's most valuable asset. Guthrie and Associates is proud to partner with many employers in Brant County as part of their Employee Assistance Programs.

The Brantford Police Service has used the service of Guthrie and Associates for over twenty years. We believe in the wellness of our members and have appreciated the professional and courteous manner that Guthrie and Associates have provided.

Inspector C. W. Anderson, Administration Branch

The Services We Provide

Critical Incident Response

When there is an unexpected tragedy in the workplace, such as injury or suicide, Guthrie and Associates can provide on-site professional support to your employees. We will help your organization determine possible reasons for the incident and evaluate how it could have been prevented. We'll also recommend any appropriate measures to help your workplace become a safer environment.

Statistical Reporting

Guthrie and Associates provides customized statistical reporting to its EAP company clients. While protecting the confidentiality of the employee, the statistical summary informs the employer about the nature of personal problems that are surfacing in the workplace. Our EAP Coordinator, Gail Hislop, is available at no additional charge as a liaison to your EAP manager or committee.

EAP Consultation

For an EAP to be effective, it requires the trust of the employee. For employees to feel safe, the EAP needs to be offered by a well-respected practitioner who operates at arm's length from the employer (even though the employer is paying for the service). Guthrie and Associates maintains the boundary between its clinical services and professional corporate services by employing an EAP Coordinator who is solely responsible for the administration of EAP programs. It would be disconcerting for an employee to see his or her counsellor involved in meetings at the workplace. In this way, we ensure the EAP program is seen as a neutral resource for the employee.


When an employer makes it easy for their employees to access help when it is needed, there is a benefit for both.