The Services We Provide

Our counsellors have many years of experience assisting clients with a variety of issues including:

    • Relationship Strengthening
    • Parenting Skills and Strategies
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Drug or Alcohol Dependency
    • Child Adjustment at Home or School
    • Grief, Anger and Loss
    • Post Traumatic Stress
    • Separation and Divorce
    • Workplace Issues
    • Management of Finances

We provide convenient day, evening and Saturday appointments to suit your busy schedule. As an independent provider of high quality counselling services, Guthrie and Associates is able to respond quickly to requests for service. When you need someone in your time of crisis, we will be there for you.

Choose Guthrie and Associates

We believe that relationships are foundational to the health and well being of individuals, couples and families. By serving the health of the community, Guthrie and Associates is contributing to a positive society. We've been a well-respected member of the Brantford business community since 1983.

At Guthrie and Associates there is a strong sense of teamwork. Our counsellors are all directly employed by Guthrie and Associates and attend regular staff meetings and personal development sessions. As counselling services are not sub-contracted out to independent counsellors, you can be assured that there are no hidden referral fees.

Our counsellors have many years of experience, and have a Master Degree in the field of clinical social work.


While all services are provided on a fee for service basis, many of our clients are covered through their Employee Assistance Program or insurance plan. Aboriginal clients often qualify for coverage through Health Canada.

  • 2018 hourly appointment fee $115.00
  • We accept cash, Visa™, MasterCard™ and Interac™

Special Programs

Financial Counselling

  • Do you worry about your debts?
  • Are you upset about how money issues are impacting your family and those you love?
  • Do you hide your monthly bills and try to ignore them?
  • Are you struggling to meet the minimum payments on your credit cards?
  • Are you tired of being declined due to poor credit ratings?

There are so many unexpected events that can cause stress on your financial well being, such as unemployment, divorce, or a long-term disability. You're not alone. We can help you find solutions to your money worries. With the support of a trained financial counsellor, we can help resolve a financial crisis.

Take the first step to recovery and seek financial counselling. Pat White has helped many people like you regain their financial stability and improve their economic well being. One of the first steps is to complete a detailed assessment of your current financial situation and look at some viable options.

Pat will work with you to:

  • Effectively handle your finances.
  • Set up a debt payment plan, which may include targeting high-interest accounts first and consolidating other debts.
  • Become your advocate when dealing with creditors or collection agencies.
  • Discover new skills in better money-management and making wiser purchasing decisions.

Call (519) 752-8280 to find out more about our Financial Counselling Program.


My counsellor helped a lot. Her support gave me strength to tackle some problems I'd been avoiding for years.