Couple Counselling Works

  • Have you and your partner been having the same argument for years?
  • Have promises been broken so often you don't believe them anymore?

There are many triggers that can start the breakdown of a relationship:

  • Sexual problems or concerns
  • Difficulties with in-laws
  • Coping after infidelity
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Raising a mentally or physically challenged child
  • Unemployment
  • Continued sense of dissatisfaction in the marriage or partnership

Prevent small problems from getting out of hand by seeking couple counselling. Take the opportunity to talk through your concerns with a trained professional. Gain the benefit of a different perspective and learn new ways of problem solving and communication.

Couples don't have to be married to seek the benefit of couple and family counselling. If you want to improve your most important relationships, invest in your own future and seek help.

What if my spouse or partner won't participate?

Not all family members must always take part in couple and family counselling. If there is at least one motivated person in the family, uninterested family members often get involved in the counselling at a later stage. Your counsellor may conduct some sessions with each person as an individual and some sessions together as a couple.

Aboriginal clients often qualify for coverage through Health Canada.


The counselling we received at Guthrie and Associates has made a huge difference in our relationship. In fact, our marriage...which a year ago was on the brink of collapse is now stronger than ever.